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The benefits of being a tiger

Workspace setup

We let you customize your workspace setup with whatever you need to get your job done. Get creative! Wanna hang up that cat picture you need for inspiration? Go ahead, no one will judge you.

Work for travel

As an international firm, we all travel to different locations across Asia and around world. We believe it is important for the team to meet face to face with some clients and other team members.

Performance Bonus
& Incentives

We highly value both individual and team effort. Here at Horangi, we happily reward those who work hard (and play hard).


We know that people work better when food is involved, so we always have snacks available. We love coffee and yogurt especially!

Continuing education
& Skillbuilding

We want our people to grow just like Horangi, so we invest time and effort to satisfy our team's thirst for knowledge. We occassionally hold internal hackathons for a bit of friendly competition, as well as the opportunity to learn new things.

Happy Hour Fridays

Like to drink beer and spirits? That's pretty much step one of your application process. We enforce our Friday Happy Hour policy pretty heavily.

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What’s in a name?

A tiger’s Life is bold and mysterious

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The word Horangi means tiger in Korean. In Asian cultures, especially Korean and Chinese, the tiger is a symbol of guardianship. Known for its protective nature, the tiger is constantly warding off evil spirits and disasters. In the modern world, cyberspace is a territory full of threats and attacks that are usually detected after the fact but we believe there is no “off” switch on a tiger. In other words, our team of professionals will tirelessly hunt for attackers and pro-actively pursue solutions that defend companies from potential attacks around the clock.

Horangi is kicking SaaS and taking names:
  • 24.7.365 Vulnerability scanning
  • 25 Years of expertise
  • 310K Issues detected
  • 7 Global offices
  • 10.5M Hours of uptime
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