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Horangi builds security products that enable the rapid delivery of Incident Response and threat detection for our customers who lack the scale, expertise, or time to do it themselves.

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Need a custom solution for your business?
Horangi can provide a bespoke security strategy comprised of products & services for any sized business.

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  • 24.7.365 Vulnerability scanning
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Security Platform features

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  • Cost effectiveness

    Horangi helps save your company money by identifying vulnerabilities and offering assistance to remediate them.

  • Unique Ideas

    We want to make Cyber Security threats easy to understand and even easier to mitigate.

  • Timely Delivery

    We work with you and your team to identify and fix security issues as quickly as possible.

Our security experts conduct a special training at the KITRI BoB center
...with the protection of a dedicated tiger team.
  • Reliability

    We work 24/7 to keep our service up and running with minimal downtime.

  • Customer Relationship

    We support our customers from the very beginning and stand beside them through their security issues.

  • Quality Assurance

    We strive to provide our clients with quality and rigorously tested solutions that work the first time.

First Forensic Capture the Flag tournament on our platform in Seoul
Horangi Cyber Security
Products and Services


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Company Overview

Learn about Horangi, our Products and our unique approach to Cyber Security. Review our Services and meet our leadership. Dive into each of our Products with detailed one-pagers and learn how they are different from conventional offerings.

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Horangi Scanner

Horangi Scanner is designed to enable your organization's secure software development lifecycle and improve your overall security posture. Web, Network and Code scanners ensure all your vulnerabilities are discovered.

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Horangi Hunter

Horangi Hunter is built to hunt for advanced persistent threats and smoothly runs on Windows, OSX and Linux systems. Hunter collects forensic data which is reviewed by our team of world-class cyber security experts.

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Horangi Storyfier

Horangi Storyfier is your always-on command center helping you to understand and respond to vulnerabilities. Storyfier bridges our automated products and human driven analysis into one easy to use interface.

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Horangi Cryptocurrency and ICO Security

  • Smart Contract Audits
  • Incidence Response
  • Hot / Cold Wallet Security
  • Digital Forensics
  • For Exchanges, ICOs, VC Funds
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Horangi Warden

Horangi Warden is a cloud monitoring tool that detects configuration vulnerabilities and suspicious activities in your cloud infrastructures.

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Horangi Training

  • Mobile Bite-Sized Learning
  • Performance Tracking and Summary Reports
  • Topical Customization Opportunities
  • Classroom experiences with opportunities for added live demos
  • Phishing Exercises

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To ensure that Horangi’s platform, products and services are secure, we are establishing a Bug Bounty Program (BBP) that allows the wider cybersecurity community to submit any vulnerabilities that they may have identified on our online portals and or website.

Become the tiger of your mountain

Full-Spectrum CybeR services

Incident response

When an organization discovers it has been the victim of a cyber attack, Horangi can send Incident Response Experts to identify the problem and help remove the attackers from the environment. In addition to assisting your organization's IT team, our experts can also navigate the business ramifications of an attack and will regularly consult with executive staff on each step of the response.

Security assessments

A full-scope security assessment is a one-time audit that includes internal and external examinations of your environment. This assessment often results in the discovery of security holes that Horangi is eager to help you plug. We use our software to help speed up the normal security overview process and ensure correct logging is in place.

Digital forensics

After an attack, our Tigers complete an analysis and submit a professional report detailing what happened, when and what information was potentially lost. From there we assess the steps necessary to mitigate the damage including retrieval of lost data, identification of additional systems that may have been compromised and reporting to law enforcement.

Policy and governance

Based on our vast industry experience we regularly provide advice to top management and can help structure comprehensive cyber security policy for your organization. By establishing proper polices and implementing monitoring and strengthening, we ensure the highest level of accountability and transparency and aim for broad-based employee participation.


We offer a variety of customized learning opportunities including Digital Forensics and Incident Response courses. Our Security Architecture course helps Chief Information Security Officers and IT staff to design a network security infrastructure that will help prevent and detect cyber attacks as well as facilitate a proper incident response. At its core, Cyber Security begins with our Digital Forensics and Incident Response courses which help organizations identify attacks, limit the damage and, most importantly, prevent an attack situation from worsening.

User-centered design

Horangi’s vision is simple, accessible and usable security. To support our commitment to user-centered design we employ research techniques, implement features that best serve our users and apply human-focused security principles. We recognize that good design supports not only our business efforts but also the goals of our clients and we place customer experience at the forefront of our priorities.

Cryptocurrency security

As the hype for cryptocurrency continues to grow, countless hackers have been eyeing for these valuable anonymized currency stored in the form of “bits”. At Horangi, our Tigers are able to provide you with technical solutions and security best practices on how to secure your cryptocurrency wallet, be it Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, etc.

Cyber fraud

Cashless payments within web applications and mobile apps has become the critical revenue stream for many companies. If engineering teams don’t bake security into the the development process from the beginning, it often leaves their apps exposed to exploitation. Attackers frequently attempt adjusting price and quantity before a purchase, modify in-app purchases, and scrap data from their competitors databases to gain advantage. Horangi’s Tigers help our customers build anti-fraud strategies by detecting fraudsters and working with developers to implement a secure software development lifecycle.

Secure architecture review

Application and Network architecture are often designed for functionality, rather than for security. Poor design of architecture often expose the application and network to many security loopholes. Our Tigers from Horangi will help your organization to bridge that gap by performing security design review on your current or to-be architecture, and mitigate the risks by patching up the potential security flaws.

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The word Horangi means tiger in Korean. In Asian cultures, especially Korean and Chinese, the tiger is a symbol of guardianship. Known for its protective nature, the tiger is constantly warding off evil spirits and disasters. In the modern world, cyberspace is a territory full of threats and attacks that are usually detected after the fact but we believe there is no “off” switch on a tiger. In other words, our team of professionals will tirelessly hunt for attackers and pro-actively pursue solutions that defend companies from potential attacks around the clock.

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