At Horangi, we are passionate about building a safer cyberspace and creating software that solves challenging cyber security problems. This year, we stayed focused on the mission and every tiger contributed to the best of their abilities - 2017 was a year we worked hard, exceeded goals, earned our reputation and built on our success.
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  • Cheng Lai
    CyberOps Consultant
  • Jiyeon
    Customer Success Manager
  • Brandon
    VP of Creative Design
  • Jinyi
    Interaction Designer
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A tiger does not shout its tigritude, it acts.

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    New offices
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    Upgrades released
  • 32
    New hires
  • 2631%
    Traffic increased
  • CyberOps
    The department that grew the most
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    Articles posted
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#2017 #HORANGI

From advanced ransomware to insider threats, more businesses are realizing the need to establish effective cyber security procedures and cultivate key capabilities to increase their enterprise survivability moving forward.


With increased digitalization of enterprise operations, more criminals are turning towards utilizing ransomware as a means of targeting and exploiting organizations of all sizes for illicit monetary gain.


As the value of cryptocurrencies continues to climb, there has been heightened criminal activity specifically targeting Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) projects through exploiting the lack of enforceable regulations and mainstream awareness on proper business implementation.


As the digital solutions become more ubiquitous internationally, we are seeing the enactment of more national policies designed specifically to regulate and securitize operations along the digital frontier.


Through leveraging off advancements in data analytics and cloud solutions, enterprises are steadily incorporating Regulatory Technologies (RegTech) towards enabling better communication and compliance objectives.

There is no off switch on a Tiger

Technology will always be a double edged sword, reshaping the lives of society and criminals. From ransomware to cryptocurrency, our society is steadily progressing towards another digital revolution. However, national agencies have responded through increasing public awareness through schemes and certifiable initiatives. Horangi predicts that come 2018. there will be increased criminal activity targeting cryptocurrency solutions alongside solutions dependent on the Internet-of-Things.
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